How to choose a battery charger

Nowadays everybody has a digital camera, a CD player or who knows what portable electronic device that needs DC power coming from a set of batteries. Therefore it is only common sense that most of you will need a battery charger that will help you keep the costs at the lowest possible level and we are going to have a look over what you need to know when shopping for one.

From the beginning we are going to tell you that you will find a lot of battery charger models on the market, in different price ranges. However, we strongly encourage you to go for an intelligent one that has all sort of protection methods in order to avoid overcharging and destroying your batteries. Even if they are more expensive compared to simple ones, we definitely believe that it is worth paying the difference.

The type of batteries it is able to charge is also important. There are models that are capable of charging multiple battery types and if you know that you will need this, we recommend to pay a couple of extra dollars and get one. However, adapt the purchase to your needs and if you don't need them, you shouldn't waste money just for knowing that you have it.

Do you need a fast battery charger? If you do, then you must choose one from this category. Again, you will pay a bit more, but the possibility of charging your batteries in two or three hours compared to twelve or even more is extremely important, especially for professional photographers.