Solar battery chargers

Let's say that you are the type of person that likes adventure and travelling in to the wild every now and then. So what can you do if you also want to take your mobile phone, laptop, radio or CD player with you? Do you pack yourself with dozens of batteries? No, because there is a much more elegant solution available now and we believe that you should definitely take it in to consideration.

Solar battery chargers are not at all a new idea, because they have been used by the army for several years already, but they have just made an entrance on the market and the prices are pretty good we might add. So what do they exactly do? Well, solar battery chargers take the energy of the sun and transform the radiation in to electric energy, based on the same principle as photovoltaic panels.

Do they work? Yes, they certainly do. Don't imagine that you will be able to charge your laptop like you would from the national grid, but even if it takes a little more and you are dependent on the sun, you will be able to use it away from civilization. Of course, the bigger the PV surface is, the more power you will have and the quicker you will be able to charge your devices.

As we said before, solar battery chargers have started to represent an option because their prices are very good. You can buy a small one with less than 20 dollars, but we strongly suggest to add a little more for a serious one that you can rely on.